Genocide wars do not make a nation

On this day, in Europe it ended the most costly war in human history, with the participation of more than 100 million troops, and caused the deaths of 85 million people, equivalent to 2.5% of the world’s population in that period.

The war in Europe ended when the Soviet Union took control of Berlin, and the Germans surrendered without conditions on 8 May 1945. The United States has dropped two nuclear bombs on Japan was followed by the surrender.

In addition to the crimes of the Nazi Holocaust, which was considered one of the Millennium crimes. In World War II nine million Germans died. German cities also hit by large bombed and destroyed, and Germany lost a third of its territory in the east. It was a displacement of twelve million refugees in Germany and became a state of total collapse after this devastating war.

The most important lesson Germans learned as a result of World War II is: “No to war, no to hell on earth.” And to this day, after 25 years after the German reunification, it is still the vast majority of Germans reject the political war as a last resort.

I wish Syrians today could learn the lessons of the World War II in Germany, and I hope those who are fueling the fighting in Syria understand that there is no salvation for the people, no renaissance of the country but to stop the fighting and bury the war rather than kill us. We the Syrians have to learn that the only way for renaissance is peace and the road to peace is paved and wide, begins to respect differences, and the search for solutions to the disputes, not including bickering or fighting.

Genocide wars do not make a nation.

This picture, which I took in the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, experiencing requests to Europe and the world, that mistakes of the past must not repeat in the future.


Monis Bukhari

Monumento Al Holocausto-Berlin

Monumento Al Holocausto-Berlin

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