I tried my best

For the past two years, I tried very hard to go beyond that point where myself tirelessly revolve around, gyration made me tired and weary till even hit me the tiredness.

Whenever I imagined my books pages strewn in the streets burning I feel choked myself, my library books that I accumulated from the time of the primary school years, books moved with me out of a house to another in a series of rented apartments in Damascus, books had engraved on it’s edges the memory of my life and my diary and my relationships and all the components of my personality… Whenever I remember it, and I closed my eyes, I saw it, humiliated without dignity on the roads, my heart get hardens and increase the hatred inside.

I will not forgive… As my daughter has not forgiven her toys that burnt and cried it out. I will not forgive burning my pages and their loss in a barbaric bombing blow the presence of Darya completely and took me back as I begin to zero… Bombardment doesn’t done by a son of the country, and Bashar al-Assad not a son of the country of Syria.

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Monis Bukhari

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