Last night I escaped of Berlin

Every year; Berlin celebrates the New Year getter all the hustle of earth, voices of a battles never subside and ambiance like a real war, opening its fronts by a pockets of young people seeking for fun and entertainment, burning millions of euros in fireworks, for someone like me it’s doesn’t produce but horror of war that we eat on our backs in Syria, and tons of garbage adorn the city streets by morning, and the smell of flavored acclaimed gunpowder in the nose of who have the pain of losing beloved person in Syria.

But a nice invitation by friends in the eastern countryside of Germany saved me from attending the opening of the gates of hell last night, and the night went charming with quiet atmosphere closer to family mood, without celebration and without hustle and without any noise.

Thank you my friends for times will not be forgotten of my memory for a long time.

Glückliches neues jahr 2015


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